Galungan in Bali: A Festive Cultural Celebration

Galungan in Bali A Festive Cultural Celebration

Galungan is one of the most significant religious and cultural celebrations in Bali, Indonesia. Celebrated every six months, Galungan marks the victory of Dharma (truth) over Adharma (evil) in Balinese Hindu mythology. This celebration is characterized by a series of ceremonies, traditions, and social activities that enrich Bali’s cultural heritage. On the day of Galungan, […]

Hari Bumi International, 1 Ton Pupuk Organik untuk Petani Kopi di Kintamani

hari bumi internasional

Hari Bumi International 2022 Hari Bumi International 2022 setiap tahun di peringati setiap tanggal 22 April. Peringatan Hari Bumi International tahun ini Gangga Coffee peringati dengan mengajukan proposal kepada Maharani Kemala Foundation dan disetujui untuk memberikan bantuan berupa pupuk organik. 1 TON pupuk organik diserahkan pada tanggal 22 April 2022 di Desa Ulian Kintamani Bali. […]

How to Brewing Drip Coffee

brewing drip coffee

  How to Brewing Drip Coffee Good coffee can make the whole day better. We at Gangga Coffee believe it and we always start our day with the best coffee. Hopefully, you do it as we do. In this post, we want to share our brewing recipes for drip coffee.   Here step by step […]