Brewing Drip Coffee


how to brewing coffee drip
how to brewing coffee drip

Good coffee can make the whole day better. We at Gangga Coffee believe it and we always start our day with the best coffee. Hopefully, you do it as we do. In this post, we want to share our brewing recipes for drip coffee.


Here step by step how to brew drip coffee if you buy our drip coffee or from your favourite coffee producer.

  1. Open the drip bag along the indicated line.
  2. Place the drip bag on the coffee cup
  3. Prepare 180 ml hot water. Slowly pour 30 ml amount to soak the coffee, rest 20 seconds. Pour the remaining water and removing the drip bag.
  4. Ready to enjoy and start your day


For some aspects, the coffee tastes differently on every different matric. We want to share some of the components that bring the coffee taste.


The most important aspect of brewing coffee. Yes it is, 98% of your coffee are water and the rest is coffee itself

Grind size of the coffee

There are so many sizes of the coffee grind size, we make it simple to call it fine, medium, or coarse.