Choose the specialty coffee that fits your tastebuds and sip it at home, anytime, anywhere.
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Gangga coffee
The freshest specialty coffee in town. Enjoy a cuppa while you indulge in tasteful foods with a memorable impression that lasts one cup at a time.
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We roast our coffee to bring the freshest and spectrum of exceptional coffee flavours that we love. We wanted to ensure that our blends are sharable countless times with an emphasis on quality.

What we Serve

We’ve got you covered with the best and freshest specialty coffee. Enjoy your cup of coffee surrounded by the friendly atmosphere and unique handicrafts decorations.
Freshly roasted high-quality coffee blends that are rich in flavors.
We will cater your events large and small, at your home or office. Your people will love it. Full stop.
We want our specialty coffee to be accessible as possible whenever you are in the world.

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Way beyond your expectation

Gangga Coffee is on a mission to provide high-quality Kintamani Coffee beans to our customers across the globe. We are licensed and tested to scour the finest and freshest coffee beans. We are in charge from start to finish so you can get the best value on the market.

Worldwide shipping is available and you can purchase in greater quantities.