v60 brewing guide

V60 Brewing Guide

1. place a paper filter in the brewer and rinse with a full cup of hot water

2. weigh 20gr coffee beans per serving or 2 heaped measure spoons

3. grind fine/ medium (see grind chart)

4. discard the rinse water

5. add ground coffee to filter

6. saturate the coffee by adding very slowly, drip by drip, 20gr of hot water (directly off the boil), and wait about 30 seconds.

7. pour carefully in a circular motion for a total of 300gr – focus the pour into the center of the pond, keeping the pour away from the sides.

8. stop pouring when 300gr weight is reached. (300ml per 20gr serve).

9. stir the pond gently with a teaspoon to make sure all grind is in the pond and not left out of the water, up on the sides.

10.V60 pour-over should take about 3 minutes for the water to drain through the grinds. there should be a flat bottom of grinds left in the filter.

11. sip and enjoy