French Press brewing guide

French Press Brewing Guide

1. preheat french press with hot water

2. weigh 20gr of coffee beans per serve or 2 heaped measure spoons

3. grind medium/ course (see grind chart)

4. discard rinse water

5. add ground coffee to french press

6. start a 4 minute timer

7. pour carefully and quickly 300gr of hot water (directly off boil)

8. stop pouring when 300gr weight is reached. (300ml per 20gr serve)

9. after 30 seconds stir gently with a teaspoon breaking the bloom.

10. place the lid on the brewer making sure the plunger mesh is pushed down slightly holding the grinds just slightly under the water’s surface.

11. when the timer goes off gently push the plunger down.

12. ecant the liquid into either cup or carafe.

13. sip and enjoy